For 2018 we will have more breeds than ever before!


From January – December we will have the following at P.O.L-

Amber Rock

Blue Maran

Columbian Black Tail

Light Sussex

Lohmann Brown

Rhode Rock

Speckledy Gold

Speckeldy Maran

Silver Sussex

Splash Blue Maran

White Leghorn 

Then between March and September we will also have at P.O.L ...

 Large Fowl...

Bielefelder (An very rare breed in the UK)

Buff Orpington

Cream Crested Legbar

Devon Blue (Hybrid Blue Egg Layer)

Devon Bronze (Hybrid Dark Egg Layer)

Exchequer Leghorn 

Buff Leghorn

Black Leghorn

Partridge Leghorn

Mottled Leghorn

As well as a selection of bantams including...


Appenzeller - Silver Spangled

Leghorn - Brown, Buff Columbian, Columbian and Cuckoo

Maran - Cuckoo

Pekin - Blue, Blue Mottled, Black, Black Mottled, Chocolate, Lavender, Millefluer, Silver Laced 


Plymouth Rock

Rhode Island Red - Single and Rose Comb

Sulmtaler - Standard and Blue

Sussex - Buff and Light


Wyandotte - Barred, Blue Laced, Buff Laced, Buff, Gold Laced, Millefluer, Lavender, Silver Laced, Silver Pencilled, Partridge and White

As we breed all the hens ourselfs breeds and numbers may vary. We can take preorders but no time guarantee. Also check our Facebook page as we regually up date stock on there.

Please call in advance to check availability if you are after a certain breed