POL Availability

We currently have the following ready at the shop, all fully vaccinated.                                                                Last Updated: 11/05/2018

Amber Rock
Rhode Rock
Columbian Blacktail
Lohmann Brown
Light Sussex  
Silver Sussex
Blue Maran  
Splash Blue Maran   More Ready End Of May
Speckledy Maran
Speckledy Gold More Ready End Of May
White Leghorn

Special Hybrids / Large Pure Breeds
Rhode Island Red
Plymouth Barred Rock
Devon Blue - Blue Egg Layer - 7 colours to choose from   
Devon Bronze - Dark Brown Egg Layer - 5 colours to choose from  More Ready End Of July
Tri- Mottled LeghorMore Ready End Of May
Partridge Leghorn More Ready End Of May


Mottled Pekin
Millefleur Pekin
Lavender Pekin
Buff Sussex
Brown Leghorn
Columbian Black Tail
Rhode Island Red
Rhode Rock
Black Wyandotte
Buff Laced Wyandotte
Silver Pencilled Wyandotte